Sourdough is bread that uses the natural bacterial fermentation instead of yeast to create bubbles which make the bread rise. It requires a two stage process to make sourdough; the sourdough starter mixture is made first, then when it is ready to use, this is mixed with regular dough to make the bread. It is […]

This is a great whole wheat sourdough bread recipe for use in a bread maker. Mike shows you how to use the sourdough mixture and add to it the other ingredients. It is very useful in that he shows how to use this mixture in a breadmaker, thereby saving all the mess and fuss normally […]

My Favourite Sourdough Bread Recipe This sourdough bread recipe was one of the first I tried when I discovered sourdough bread. What I find interesting about sourdough is that although it takes a long time to prepare, the dough lasts for ages and can be re-used at a later date. The course texture of the bread appeals […]