The Breville automatic breadmaker is one of a range that are a bit cheaper than their major rivals, yet which still do exactly what they set out to and do it well. The models in the range are extremely simple to use, without too many settings to toss new users into a tailspin – and simple to clean. The big viewing window and interior light also make it simple to keep an eye on your bread while it is baking.

Breville Automatic Bread Maker features:

  • 3 loaf sizes
  • Collapsible working blade
  • Automated fruit and nut dispenser
  • Interior light to view the bread as it’s baking
  • 38 program settings for bread, dough or pasta, as well as jam
  • The capacity to utilize a manual program to make custom settings for your own individual dishes
  • 2 hour fast setting for quicker baking
  • Power interruption security for 60 mins
  • ¬†13 hour timer

Breville automatic breadmakerThe many positives of the machine are that it is extremely long lasting, which is something that can be hard to discover for the low-cost price. It is additionally extremely simple to use and is easy to keep clean.

It is also very compact therefore it won’t use up too much space on your counter top. The big viewing window and interior light additionally make it simple to watch on your bread while it is baking in the breadmaker. These unusual features make this breadmaker particularly useful for the busy household.

The Twin paddle breadmaker from Breville ensures evenly mixed and kneaded dough for a smoother loaf

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Negative comments about the Breville automatic breadmaker range

Some cons that have been pointed out are that the interior parts of the Breville automatic breadmaker may need to be replaced occasionally, but that it is not complicated to replace these components, if it is a bit of an aggravation. Others have actually mentioned that users should beware to keep an eye on the seals around the bins, as they can use down and then leak as an outcome.

If you make sure to read the instruction booklet when you start baking and keep your quantities precise, any model from the Breville breadmaker range will work just fine, in spite of some drawbacks that will happen in time. When baking, you may find that you need to adjust yeast and water quantities in order to have the bread bake more evenly, so be prepared to experiment if you purchase a Breville breadmaker.

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